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Part 3 of 3:  Implementing and evaluating your IT vision

When planning for improvements in your organization’s IT environment, technology project plans capture all of the tasks that will yield success. So what should your IT project plan include? Some project plans for IT can be highly complex, some span multiple years, some include linkages to align with other projects. Whatever the scale and scope of your organization’s plan, it’s important to ensure that it is clear, controlled, and completed. That means that tasks make sense and can be executed, there are regular check-ins to assess progress, and that tasks can be crossed off as progress is made.

Here are some key components of successful IT project plans.

  1. Clear objectives. All the work conducted in Parts 1 and 2 of this 3-part blog will help you to answer these questions, as well as communicate to your entire organization: What do we want and why do we want it?

  2. Tasks and Assignees. Tangible activities clearly assigned to staff members with the expertise, time, and resources to carry them out. Examples? Researching vendors, staff training, purchasing, migration activities, maintenance, and more.

  3. Schedule. When will it be done?

  4. Budget. What are the costs and how will you manage them?

  5. Evaluation. Once you’ve completed the project, it’s important to review: Was it successful? What new challenges must be surmounted? Do we have the right workflow and strategy in place to conduct maintenance and further enhancements?

While concluding a project is definitely a moment to celebrate – keep in mind that IT projects are a little different. That’s because they don’t ever actually end; technology doesn’t afford the luxury of a final destination. There’s always a next destination. Just like a GPS device calculates the distance, routes, and arrival time, saving you countless hours of performing the tasks of getting from here to there, having tools and services to complete the fundamental tasks can be invaluable.

Having a trusted partner can be your company’s best navigational tool when it comes to maintaining a robust IT environment. At Moruga we understand IT challenges and requirements. We offer customized professional services and IT Assessments that exceed expectations regardless of complexity, utilizing our decades of experience across every conceivable industry. Moruga’s IT assessments, architecture and design, security compliance, migration planning, disaster recovery and more will exceed your short and long-term IT objectives. Connect with us today.

*To ensure confidence in our recommendations, Moruga maintains both vendor and hardware neutrality so you can be confident that you are receiving truly unbiased IT assessment consultation.

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